Hi, I'm Jon

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I'm a Product Designer in the Bay Area with a passion for design systems, consistency, and good culture. I have over a decade of experience ranging from print, brand, visual, product, and now systems work. I have a passion for design, organization, and communication, and I find systems work is often a great intersection of just that.

I'm currently looking for opportunities on a great team! Please get in touch with me to start a conversation.


Figma, Sketch, Design/Systems Thinking, Photoshop, Illustrator, Photography, Photo and Video Editing, CSS/HTML, Mentorship, Public Speaking


Thumbtack (SF) - Product Designer
Feb 2017 - Apr 2020

Hired (SF) - Product Designer
Jan 2016 - Feb 2017 

Revinate (SF) - Lead Designer
Apr 2013 - Dec 2015

What I bring to the team

I'm a passionate designer who thrives in collaborative, social environments. I find critique and feedback to be crucial parts of my workflow, and I shine when we can all contribute our strengths while having fun doing it.

Going forward, I'd like to work on a bigger system, or maybe build a new one from scratch. I'd like to continue pushing the limits of Figma, or another design tool, and to continue to advocate to the larger design community about the benefit of design systems.

In my free time, I volunteer as a co-captain of an AIDS/Lifecycle team, raising over $130,000 for charity to date. I love hanging out with my dog, Dante. I love any opportunity to take my Sony A7iii out to shoot. And, I'm quite the spotify user - check out my playlists!

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