Lover of pixels, people, and systems.


I helped build Thumbprint, Thumbtack's design system, into an industry-leading system with wide adoption and a fantastic culture of collaboration. From tool migration to complex components and libraries, from foundation to documentation, I had a key role in making Thumbprint a great system.


At Hired I helped push the experience of getting a new job into new areas - flipping the script on the usual process and thinking about how to get companies to hire talented people. I was focused primarily on the candidate experience.


I lead a design team at a small startup focusing on the hospitality industry. I managed a few product lines and a person in the process, and learned a lot about how to do good product work.

Older Work


Listings Project is a weekly email listing of all kinds of apartment and art space rental and leases. I was in charge of branding and design of the site and email.

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Startnership was an idea that bundled sprints of design work from talened designers in order for companies to move through creative issues. What resulted was the first sprint from that endeavor.

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Yodle, an SEO marketing company, was my first job after college. I was a visual designer on a team that worked on branding, marketing, product.

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A friend asked for wedding invitations. I decided to design a really funky, yet pretty set of materials for her special day.

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Over the years I've done some light branding, mostly for imaginary things or failed ideas. I still love the power of a good logo.

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